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Welcome to the Small Business Innovation & Diversification Program (SBIDP)

Program Description

The objective of this program is to strengthen existing Connecticut manufacturers by facilitating and/or accelerating the development, sales and manufacturing of innovative, diverse products (including software) and services. The specific objective is to enable firms to design and develop innovative technologies that diversify their portfolio of products thereby retaining/increasing sales and employment in the State.

Acting on behalf of the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), the CT SBI Office at Connecticut Innovations (CI) is administering this program on a matching grant basis. Companies will partner with this program by providing a dollar-for-dollar match, maximum of $25,000. Awards under this program are contingent upon meeting eligibility requirements and the availability of funds. 

1.  Download the Application Guidelines for additional information

Applicants "Getting Started"

Your first step is create an account in order to read the application materials.  At the upper right of this page there is a sign up area.  Please click on the Applicant button and "Sign Up" -- then follow the instructions on the next page.  Once registered, you may simply log in.